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LIMITED OFFER: This is a limited offer due to the large amount of people who wish to have their own CUSTOM skin on cellcraft. The feature is finally here!
Get your custom skin now!
Image on your ball
A custom skin lets you
have an image of your choice on your cell!
Example of how skin looks like
To see how a skin looks like ingame,
choose your nickname "wuf" without quotes and press play. Your cell will contain an image of a cute puppy dog
How to activate skin
Type the skin's name as your nickname. You can also type [skin_name] yournamehere.
For example, [wuf] John Smith And "wuf" skin will show."

Skin tester. See how your skin looks like.

(Note: This skin tester doesn't predict exactly how your skin will look. Your skin will look better ingame, as it will be centered to shape the circle. Some images don't work with the skin checker. But rest assured, if you buy, we will add your image, or contact you worst case.

Skin Tester
How to find your perfect skin image?
The best way to find your skin image is to google skin images and other cool high definition animation images. You can also check Here for a list of cool skin images.
Get your skin now
Buy a slot for your own exclusive skin on cellcraft for only a small price of $9. If all slots get sold out too fast, skin price will be increased to $29.


Your skin will be activated within 24 to 48 hours after buying. To play using your skin after purchasing, enter your chosen skin name as your nickname ingame. You can also use your skin name by typing your skin name inside [] - Example: [skin-name]. Using [] you can also include an extra name, all while using your skin. For example [skin-name] Adam. Whereas Adam will be the extra name. Your skin will be visible on your cell for everyone.

After purchasing your skin, it will be attached to the name you have selected for it. You cannot change your skin after purchasing it. If you wish to change your skin, you will have to purchase a new skin. If there is anything wrong regarding your skin or name selected, you will be e-mailed to your email provided. Thank you, and enjoy!
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